•   John, exiled in Patmos. Write what you see (Rev 1,9-11).
•   Letters to the churches. What you have seen, what it already is (1,19). Antipas, Pergamo´s  bishop, martyrdom.(2,13).
•    The sealed book. What is to happen later (1, 1) The seven seals. Calamities of a  world that goes bad. Wars, hunger, plagues, death (6, 1-8). Throat cut because of the word (6, 9-11). Violent earthquake (6, 12-17). Marked with God´s seal (7, 2-4).

•    Take the book, devour it. You must prophesize again (10, 8-11). The seven trumpets; The first four (8, 6-12).  The three woes of the eagle (8, 13). Armies like locusts, the well of the abyss, five bad months, the first woe! (9, 1-12). The angels of the Euphrates are freed (9, 13-21).
•    Frontal challenge, brutal persecution. Three years and a half. The two olive trees, the two witnesses. Violent earthquake, the second woe! (11, 1 -18). The beast that comes out from the sea (13, 1). The number of the beast, 666 (13, 18). Abomination of the desolation (11,2; Lc 21,24), the third woe!. The seven coups (16,1-21).
•    The sovereign prostitute. Rome´s judgement. The woman who rides on the beast (17,1-5). Of the seven kinas or emperors, five have fallen. One governs (Nero) and the other did not arrive yet. The one who governs is the eighth, although he is one of the seven (17,9-12).
•    Dressed like a bride, the lamb’s wife (21,9), dressed with the sun (12,1). The newJerusalem.

  • Like Peter and Paul, John was in Rome, there he was relegated to the island: about the year 64. Twenty years before, Herod Agrippa cuts James, John´s brother, throat and puts Peter in jail. Liberated from the jail he goes to another place (Acts 12). Perhaps then Peter begins his activity in the diaspora (1 P 1, 1) and John in Asia. About year 48, Jerusalem council (Ga 2, 9). In the 62, James, Lord’s brother is lapidated.
  • A narration of Antipas martyrdom is placed in Nero’s time
  • The seven seals keep Jesus´ words about the end (Mt 24; year 30)
  • John must prophesize again. In Palestine there was five years of turbulences under the roman governor Gessio Floro (64-66). Appointed thanks to Popea, the Jewish Nero’s wife, Floro provokes the Jewish war (67-70). The Persians win the Romans in Armenia (year 62)
  • Nero’s persecution (64-67). Rome´s fire (64). Peter’s and Paul’s martyrdom in Rome (64-67). In hebrew, nrwn qsr, Caesar Nero: n50+r200+w6+n50+q100+n60+r200= 666. The letters have a numeric value. In the year 70, Titus conquests Jerusalem and destroys the temple.
  • Popea, second Nero’s wife, dominates over him. Popea dies (+65). The seven kings: Julius Caesar (+44 b. C.), Octavius (+14), Tiberius (+37), Caligula (+41), Claudio (+54), Nero (+68), Galba (+69). In the middle of a coup of state Nero suicides the 9-6-68. 69 is the year of the four emperors. They fall one after another.
  • Mary Magdala (Jn 20,11-18), apostle of the apostles. The community (2 Co 11, 2)



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