HISTORICAL MEMORY, Crusade or Madness?

Created: Tuesday, 28 May 2013 Last Updated: Tuesday, 01 April 2014


We now know better what happened seventy years ago. And it is good to know it: Everything uncovered is light (Eph 5, 14). But, what did and what does the Church say? The Civil War, was it a crusade or madness? It is not the same. There are two views of the pass, not only different but also opposed.

While Picasso was painting the Guernica for the Paris International Exposition (1937), putting light over the brutality, cardinal Gomá was preparing a collective letter of the Spanish bishops. He was painting a very different picture. Having said that, if the Civil War was not a crusade, but a slaughter between brothers, a madness, it is necessary to revise the Church’s position: Was she belligerent?, did she legitimate the coup d´etat, the Civil War and the following dictatorship?, is it needed a national confession and an ecclesial confession?”

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