Au In the beginning was the Word

Ayala Community was born in 1973 in Madrid’s Christ of the Health parish (St. Ayala, 12)
Unsatisfied with the conventional Christianism, a small group of believers were – in the experience of the first Christian communities -  looking to live today the deep renovation of a Church, which – being old and sterile (Rm 4, 19) – could be fertile again.
We have made our way ahead little by little, in successive approaches, among difficulties and resistances, but now, many years later, we can say that we have not been disappointed: we have found what we were searching
In 1987 we constituted an association, acknowledged ecclesial and civilly, the Ayala Community Faithful Public Association, with its see in Saliente St. num. 1, Madrid, and that, among another  aims, it promotes the listening of God´s Word in the bottom of personal, social and ecclesial events; at the same time, it creates catechumenal and communitarian groups in diverse means and circles.
At present, we are inspiring more than seventy groups in parishes, schools and homes in Madrid. Ayala Community Association also has an impact outside  Madrid and  Spain.