The day of the Reckoning

Published: Monday, 27 May 2013

THE DAY OF THE ACCOUNT is a critical judgment about papa Wojtyla. It is indicated by the subtitle: John Paul II under exam. Account is requested to the pope about the cause of John Paul I and other business, also important.

The author announced it in his previous book (1990): “Account shall be requested”, “it corresponds to the pope John Paul II the highest responsibility of healing that ill shut wound of the death and figure of John Paul I”. The tense story that goes from one to the other reveals the real existing difference between both. Karol Wojtyla adopted the same name that Albino Luciani. This suggests continuity, but – in essence – a jump backwards takes place, involution, interruption. Important facts, which has been hidden or distorted, point this out. History does not stop all of a sudden, as if nothing would have happened before, as if nothing had happened afterwards. After the conclave that has elected the successor, it continues to be necessary to think about which pope does the Catholic Church need and which pope can open a horizon of hope for the world”

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